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Information for incoming freshmen, transfer students, and color guard members. 

We highly encourage you to participate in the Rancho Regiment. This group of amazing young men and women become the future leaders of our community and world. The exciting challenges you will overcome are crucial to defining who you are as a mature human being and a successful student.


Parents, this activity provides the best socializing and comfort zone for any student coming to a new school and/or a new chapter in their lives. We strongly encourage your child to participate in the Rancho Regiment and garner stronger leadership skills, discipline, musicianship, and make life long friendships. This course will also give them a PE II waiver and free up a period in their schedule.


We begin training two weeks before the start of the school year with week day practices. This training starts students from the very beginning of tone production and the fundamentals of body movement. EVERYONE starts over so we are on the same page of learning. Please know that we want your child to be as successful as every ensemble we have had in the past and take great care to ensure every skill level is mastered. Slow and correct is better than fast and wrong!


The Rancho Regiment is the Pride of Rancho and meets everyday 9th period Monday through Friday for the first semester, 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm. 

We also STRONGLY encourage ALL incoming freshman to take PE 1 the summer preceding their freshman year here at Rancho High School. Please contact the Rancho High School Main office or your counselor for more details. This route is faster and allows for more class options in the students career schedule. 

FYI: ALL band students will be enrolled in one of our year round concert bands. 9th grade students will begin their journey all together enrolled in the freshman concert band. As the year progresses some of these students will advance to one of the upperclassmen bands if there is a need and/or their schedule allows. These schedule changes will not occur until the beginning of the Spring semester.